Vanilla Jasmine Body Balm Is Good for Body

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The combination of musk ambac with jasmine and the warm vanilla spice gives our vanilla-jasmine body balm an enchanting aroma reminiscent of incense and woody fragrance. Although the aroma of this body balm is strong enough to be used as a strong fragrance, its rich and revitalizing properties make it an excellent moisturizer for body care from head to toe.

Dab some vanilla jasmine body balm on dry ankles, cracked elbows or knees to quickly repair dry skin. Body balm with vanilla and jasmine can also be used as a simple hair ointment. Rub a little balm into the hair to give them texture and conditioning.


Brazil nut oil

The light and easily absorbed texture of Brazil nut oil makes it an excellent ingredient for body care anywhere. The oil of Brazil nut-glides effortlessly over the skin, nourishing and moisturizing the surface. The soft aroma of Brazil nut oil makes it possible to easily absorb aromatic ingredients. It is also a good choice for hair care.


We thickened our massage balm with beeswax. This natural wax is versatile in texture and color, available in white or yellow varieties. If you prefer to use a vegetable wax, try our Candelilla wax instead. Candelilla is slightly harder than beeswax, so you need to reduce your portion by about 10-20%.

Shea Butter Nilotica

The rich and creamy texture of Nilotica Shea butter is a unique treat for skin and hair care. The butter has a semi-soft texture at room temperature and melts on contact with the skin. Nilotica Shea Butter is rich in vitamin e and essential fatty acids, which strengthen the moisturizing and revitalizing power of our vanilla jasmine body balm.

Flower Wax Jasmine Sambac

Floral waxes consist of natural plant esters obtained from the production of absolute and floral concretes. Most commonly used in perfume applications, flower wax is a compelling choice to add a natural aroma to skin and hair products. Our sambac jasmine flower wax has a deep floral fragrance that is soft, musky and exotic.


Gives about three glasses of 25 grams


30 Grams of Brazil nut oil
20 Grams of beeswax
20 grams of shea butter Nilotica
5 Grams of flower wax Jasmine Sambac
2.5 ml herbal fragrance oil with vanilla spices


  • Mix beeswax and flower wax in a water bath and heat until completely melted.
  • Add shea butter and Brazil nut oil and heat until melted.
  • Remove the mixture from the heat and let stand for 3 to 5 minutes. Add the fragrant oil and mix well.
  • Put in jars and cool until completely hardened.

Use and packaging

We packed our Vanilla Jasmine body balm in flint glasses.
To use it, apply a touch of balm to the skin or hair and massage until absorbed.

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