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Here at the Natural Beauty Workshop, a blanket of freshly fallen snow inspired us to look ahead and consider what our winter-worn skin will need most as spring arrives. Having endured several months of reduced humidity, dry central heating, and bitterly cold winds, it makes sense that our skin will be craving moisture and rejuvenation.

The first thing our skin will need is gentle exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells and reveal a new layer of radiant skin. This will allow moisturizers to penetrate more easily, protecting and nourishing the vital skin barrier.

With this need in mind, we created a sweetly scented, all-natural Cardamom Rose Lip and Body Polish that offers gentle exfoliation without any unnecessary frills.

This minimalist natural beauty formulation lends itself to small batch manufacturing and can be modified to be fragrance-free, if desired. In a market that is saturated with undesirable synthetic ingredients, a limited-ingredient, natural exfoliant that leaves skin soft and renewed measuring instruments renewed measuring instruments renewed will surely catch the attention of conscious consumers.


Please note that the formulations featured here on the Natural Beauty Workshop have not been challenge tested for stability or shelf life, and may not be suitable for commercial use as-is. For more information on shelf life, stability, and working with preservatives, please see the following article from our Information Library.


Organic Nilotica Shea Butter

Nilotica Shea Butter, harvested exclusively from East African shea nuts, is known for its buttery consistency and mild aroma that is more subtle than its West African counterpart. We thing our Organic Nilotica Shea Butter for this formulation in order to make it extra creamy and luxurious. If you prefer has declared butter, for your base, our Mango Butter would be an appropriate substitute.

Organic Rose Hip Seed CO2 Total Extract

Our Organic Rose Hip Seed CO2 Total Extract is an emollient ingredient that appeals to consumers thanks to its scientifically backed benefits for skin. This CO2 extracted oil boasts an impressive nutrient profile that includes 20-35% alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3 essential fatty acid) and 41-59% linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid), both of which are known to condition and improve the appearance of our skin.

Organic Evening Primrose Oil

To complement the benefits of Organic Rose Hip Seed CO2 emissions Total Extract, our Organic Evening Primrose Oil lends a helping hand as a rich source of Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), an Omega-6 essential fatty acid. Containing 77-85% essential fatty acids, including a minimum of 9% GLA, this oil is an exceptionally nourishing and soothing ingredient.

Cardamom CO2-select ” Extract”,

The delectably spicy aroma of our Cardamom CO2-select “Extract”, is reminiscent of the most exotic confections. The CO2 extraction process uses virtually no heat, allowing for a longer shelf life of this aromatic oil. This process is also better for capturing the heavier aromatic molecules that cannot be easily preserved during essential oil distillation. This means you can expect a fuller-bodied, more complex aromatic profile from this extract.

Wild Rose Plant-Based Fragrance Oil

We particularly love our Plant-Based Fragrance Oils because the aromatic components are derived from 100% natural botanicals and essential oils. The lush floral scent of our Wild Rose Plant-Based Fragrance Oil paired with spicy cardamom creates a fragrance blend that is Vibrant and energetic.

Organic Sugar (Evaporated Cane Juice)

Sugar is a popular choice when formulating natural body scrubs, as it offers gentle exfoliation without the use of harsh or synthetic ingredients. Our Organic Sugar is unrefined, which allows its light golden color to lend a more natural look than native white sugar.

We used our Organic Sugar for this formulation because its fine grain makes it the ideal choice for very gentle peeling. However, if you prefer a slightly coarser grain, our Demerara Sugar or Turbinado Sugar would be suitable substitutes.


  • Melt-A-Phase in a double boiler and heat until fully melted.
  • Remove from heat, allowing to cool slightly.
  • Add Phase B to Phase a and stir until blended.
  • Allow mixture to cool slightly.
  • Add Phase C to cooled, blended phases a and B, and mix well until all phases are fully incorporated.
  • For into your container. For the Body Polish, we used our 4 oz. Clear Flat PET Jars with White Caps, and for the Lip Polish we used our Crystal Jar.


Apply to skin and massage gently using circular motions for best peeling results. To remove, rinse off with warm water.

Makes One 4 oz-Test, Polish

  • 17 grams of Organic nilotica Shea Butter
  • 2 gr Organic Rose Hip Seed CO2 Total Extract
  • 11 gr Organic Evening Primrose Oil
  • 2 gr Cardamom CO2-select ” Extract”,
  • 2 gr Wild Rose Plant-Based Fragrance Oil
  • 79 gr Organic Sugar (Evaporated Cane Juice)

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