Shimmering Sandalwood Body Oil Is Good For Body

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Products that feature shimmer, sparkles, and shine were super popular during 2019, and their momentum doesn’t show much sign of slowing in 2020. With a simultaneous focus being put on clean beauty, it seems like the perfect time for shimmering body oils and balms to have their big moment. This Shimmering Sandalwood body oil features a blend of all-natural aromas and a subtle, mineral glow.

We used Caprylic Capric Trigylcerides for the base of our body oil, but this formula would work well with almost any low-odor carrier oil that is liquid at room temperature. Try apricot kernel Oil for an extra light body oil, or Avocado Oil for something with a little more density.

As for the scent, we are absolutely in love with our Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil. Blending it with jasmine and a sweet citrus oil was a real treat. If you want to try something a little different, consider swapping the mandarin essential oil for yuzu or lemongrass. Add a few drops of Ylang Ylang or Geranium would create a more floral or feminine blend. Adding a woody essential oil, such as Juniper or Cedar would be a great way to send it a more masculine direction.


Caprylic Capric Triglycerides (MCT oil)

A super stable carrier oil, MCT is an odorless and fully liquid oil derived from coconuts. MCT is a staple ingredient in commercial skin and hair care products but has numerous advantages for artisan formulators as well. MCT can be paired with any scent, tinted any color, and will remain fresh for extended periods of time.

Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil

While traditional sources for sandalwood are dwindling, our responsibly produced Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil remains a sustainable resource. The magnificent trees that are used to produce our Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil thrive in Hawaii where they are managed by a reputable family-owned forestry organization.

Jasmine Grandiflorum CO2 extract

Prized for its rich aroma, Jasmine Extract is often used in perfumery and personal fragrance applications. This valuable ingredient can be used in small proportions in blends and formulations to create a great floral impact. Aromatherapists value Jasmine for its ability to promote feelings of restfulness and well-being.

Organic Mandarin Essential Oil (Green)

This sweet and Tart citrus oil bursts with the bright and cheerful aroma of mandarin peels. Our cold pressed Mandarin essential oil is not photo-toxic, it is an excellent choice for cosmetics and personal care products. In aromatherapy, Mandarin Essential Oil is often used to encourage restfulness and relaxation.

Contrast Mica

Pearlescent Micas are used to add color and sheen to beauty, cosmetic and personal care products. They are primarily used in the formulation of lipsticks, blushes and eye shadows. They are also widely incorporated into loose mineral make-up since colors can be combined to create virtually any shade. Micas are also used to color a huge variety of cosmetics including lip balms, bath products, lotions, soaps, and body powders.


Makes oven 1-ounce (30 ml) Roll-on Bottles


120 ml Caprylic Capric Triglycerides (MCT Oil)
1.25 ml Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil
1.25 ml organic green Mandarin essential oil
0.65 ml Jasmine Grandiflorum CO2 Extract
1.25 ml scoop (1/2 teaspoon) Silver Sparkle Mica Powder


Combine mica powder with 15 ml caprylic capric triglycerides (MCT oil)and mix well to form mud.
Add remaining oil followed by essential oils and CO2 extract. Mix well until fully blended.
Transfer to bottles, then assemble rollers and cap.

Usage And Packaging

We used our 1-Ounce Roll-On Bottles to package our Shimmering Sandalwood Body Oil. These allow just a tiny bit of shimmer to escape the bottle with each roll. To dispense a larger portion of body oil per application, try using a Dropper Bottle instead.

Mica powder will settle between uses. Shake well before every use. To use, simply roll the applicator over bare skin. Massage oil gently until absorbed.

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