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With an infinite amount of things distracting us, it can be difficult to find time or clarity for meditation. But as difficult as it may be to achieve this, there are many benefits to taking regular meditation breaks. It’s a bit like pressing pause on the stimulation flow, constantly struggling to get your mind’s attention. This simple meditation essential oil blend can help you get in the mood to meditate, so that you promote relaxation and increase the ability of the mind and body to cope with stress.

There are a large number of essential oils available that can be used in blends to promote feelings of peace and relaxation, or to increase clarity and concentration. This blend of essential oils of meditation is just one possible combination for this purpose. More ideas can be found in the article of AromaWeb, Meditating with Essential oils.

For more information on the possible benefits of meditation, see this overview from the national Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. New to meditation? This article from the Mayo Clinic shares some simple techniques to get you started.


Capric Capryl Triglyceride Oil (MCT)

A super stable carrier oil, MCT is an odorless and completely liquid oil derived from coconuts. The MCT is a fundamental component of commercial products, caring for the skin and hair, but also offers many benefits to manufacturers of recipes to be prepared. MCT can be combined with any fragrance, tinted in any color and remains fresh for a long time.

Selected CO2 extract from angelica root

The deep, woody aroma of angelica root shines with light and warmth in our exquisite CO2 extract. The extract is liquid at room temperature, which makes it easy to process and pleasant to use. The angelica root acts as a base note in mixtures and perfumery, mixing well with flowers, spices, citrus fruits and other woods. Herbal flavors such as basil and sage work particularly well with the CO2 extract of angelica root.

Safety note: Angelica Root Select CO2 extract is highly phototoxic due to its high bergaptene composition (approx.1.5%). This is about 20 times more than bergaptene in its equivalent in essential oils. We strongly recommend that you consider this before incorporating Angelica Root Select CO2 extract into all topical formulations without rinsing. For such applications, it is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun or UV for at least 12 hours.

Organic Hawaiian Royal Sandalwood Essential oil

While traditional sandalwood sources are declining, our responsibly produced Organic Hawaiian Royal Sandalwood Essential oil remains a sustainable resource. The magnificent trees used to produce our organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil thrive in Hawaii, where they are managed by a renowned family forestry organization.

Ylang-Ylang Essential oil

The beautiful aroma of the essential oil of ylang ylang has a deep, fragrant and exotic fragrance, which is appreciated for its use in perfumery and skin care. In aromatherapy, ylang ylang is often used to discourage fear and anger. It is believed to promote a sense of security and positivity.

Essential oil of Roman chamomile

Roman chamomile is famous for its use in soothing formulations and is often used in applications designed to soothe both the skin and the mind. The sweet and apple-like aroma of Roman chamomile makes it a delicious addition to any formulation.

Essential oil of lemon balm (lemon balm)

Also known as lemon balm essential oil, lemon balm essential oil is often used in skin care formulations to balance moisture and tame oily skin. We added a handful of drops of melissa oil to our cleansing balm to make it more pleasant for oily and combination skin.

makes twelve bottles 1/3 oz roll


120 ml Capric Capryl Triglyceride Oil (MCT)
1.25 ml Organic Hawaiian Royal Sandalwood Essential Oil
1.25 ml essential oil of Roman Chamomile
0.65 ml Selected CO2 extract from angelica root*
0.65 ml Essential oil of lemon balm (lemon balm)
0.65 ml Essential oil of Ylang-Ylang Complete


Measure Capric Capryl triglycerides and pour into the mixing container.
Add essential oils and CO2 extract. Mix well until completely homogeneous.
Transfer to roller bottles, then attach balls and roller closures.

Use and packaging

Our glass roll ball bottles make the application of the mixture smooth and easy. If you prefer, the essential oil mixtures can be packaged in glass dropper bottles instead.
To use it, roll the bottle on the wrists or pulse points and take a deep breath.

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