Mango Papaya Body Lotion Is So Good For Skin

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When it comes to attracting people to use handmade and natural skin care products, it’s almost like a scam to present them with a great handmade Lotion. Who can resist the lush texture, gorgeous aromas and deep moisturizing benefits that only handmade lotions can offer? Our mango papaya Body Lotion is definitely one of those special recipes.

This Lotion is light and fluffy, perfectly clears thirsty dry skin and smells great-all with herbal ingredients. One thing users often notice about handmade Lotion compared to mass production is that natural lotions tend to have a richer texture and stay on the skin longer. It may take a little time to get used to, making lighter and easier-to-absorb formulas like our Mango Papaya Body Lotion a great choice for people new to using handcrafted Products.

We used a combination of two fruity vegetable scented oils to smell our Mango Papaya body lotion. Our choice was inspired by the tropical nature of our main ingredients, but the Lotion itself has very little aroma and can be scented at will. Try replacing the vegetable scented oils we have selected with your own favorite aromatic ingredients. Be sure to check the utilization rate of your replacement ingredient before starting the recipe.


Caprylic Capric Triglycerides (MCT Oil)

Another super stable carrier oil, MCT, is an odorless, fully liquid coconut oil. MCT is a staple in commercial skin and hair care products, but also has many advantages for craft formulators. MCT can be paired with any fragrance, tinted any color and stays fresh for long periods of time.

Papaya Seed Oil

Papaya seed oil has a light and pleasant texture that easily penetrates the skin. This makes this highly moisturizing oil extremely versatile. Papaya seed oil can be used in skin and hair care products as a lubricant, moisturizer or conditioner.

Mango butter, refined

With properties similar to cocoa and shea butter, mango butter offers a strong moisturizing benefit with a relatively non-greasy texture. Unlike cocoa butter, mango butter retains almost no characteristic fragrance and is usually odorless. Mango butter is a great choice for baby care, child care and for users with very sensitive skin, as it is generally hypoallergenic.

Organic virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is easily the most popular natural skin care ingredient of the day, offering both moisturizing and astringent benefits. This makes it an excellent Choice for all skin types, but especially beneficial for oily or Combination skin. We love the light texture and dreamy aroma of virgin coconut. It is the semi-solid texture also helps to give body to creams and lotions.

Emulsifying wax (vegetable)

Our emulsifying wax is an easy-to-use herbal wax, specially designed for the production of stable emulsions. Although the wax itself is not natural, it is made with natural ingredients and components. Emulsifying wax is a fantastic alternative to beeswax, as it usually doesn’t need any additional emulsifiers or stabilizers (like Borax) to work.

Stearic acid

Stearic acid is a plant substance used to thicken and bind creams and lotions. It is also added soaps to increase hardness and opacity.

Herbal scented oils

Our range of vegetable scented oils uses natural essential oil components as well as plant isolates and extracts. Our carefully curated selection of vegetable aromatic oils offers an exciting variety of scents, including fruit, flower and spice blends.

Mica Pearlescent

Pearlescent glitter is used to give color and shine to beauty, cosmetics and personal care products. They are mainly used in the formulation of lipstick, blush and eyeshadow. They are also widely integrated into bulk mineral makeup, as colors can be combined to create virtually any shade. Mica is also used to color a variety of cosmetic products, including lip balms, bath products, lotions, soaps, and body powders.


Makes about two 4-ounce (120 ml)glasses


185 ml distilled water
7.5 ml Capryl-caprine triglycerides (MCT oil)
30 ml papaya seed oil
3 grams of mango butter, refined
3 grams Of organic virgin coconut oil
10 grams of emulsifying wax (vegetable)
4 grams of Stearic acid
1/16 oz Pina Colada vegetable fragrance oil
1/16 oz herbal grapefruit Splash scented oil
2 grams of sun gold mica powder, optional
2 grams of Mandarin mica powder, optional


In two separate cups of mixture, pre-mix mica powder with ½ teaspoon MCT oil and mix into a slurry. (This helps to evenly distribute the mica in the Lotion.)

In a water bath, combine mango butter, organic coconut oil, papaya seed oil, emulsifying wax, stearic acid and remaining MCT oil until completely melted. (If using a microwave for this Phase, heat at 30-second intervals until the ingredients are completely melted and about 160° F.)

Place distilled water in a heat-resistant container and heat to 160 ° F. set aside to cool.

Check the temperature of the water and oil in the recipe to make sure they are between 150 ° and 160°.

Slowly drizzle part of the water into the part of the oil while continuously wiping. Continue mixing with the immersion blender for 2-3 minutes to ensure that both phases are fully emulsified. Whisk by hand for 3-5 minutes without interruption.

Divide the mixture into two different bowls.

In a bowl, add your herbal pina Colada scented oil and premix Sun Gold mica powder suspension. Mix very well to make sure the mica is evenly distributed.

In the second bowl, add your grapefruit scented oil and your pre-mixed Mandarin mica powder suspension. Mix very well to make sure the mica is evenly distributed.

Distribute lotions alternately in containers to create layers of color and fragrance. The Lotion becomes thicker when you cool down. Allow the lotions to reach room temperature before placing the caps on the jars.

Usage And Packaging

We packed our mango papaya body lotion into our 4-ounce flint glasses. They would also look gorgeous in our 4 ounce PET jars.

Apply a generous drop of Lotion to dry skin and gently massage until absorbed.

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