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Peppermint and Lip Balm are a classic combination. They always seem to go hand in hand. This is partly because they go terribly well together. The feeling of freshness and tingling that peppermint provides feels great on dry lips. The other reason why peppermint is so often used in lip balms, and especially in natural lip balms, is that the variety of natural lip-resistant flavors is somewhat limited.

While synthetic aromatic and aromatic oils are available in just about every fragrance possible, lip balm formulators need to consider the safety and properties of powerful ingredients such as essential oils and CO2 extracts before deciding to work. For example, many citrus-based essential oils smell delicious, but contain phototoxic ingredients that make them peril for lip care products. We love our new organic bergamot essential oil FCF, because it finally allows us to give the lip balm the beautiful scent of bergamot. Without Furanocoumarin, our FCF bergamot essential oil is not phototoxic.

We used the ingredients from our lip balm base kit to formulate our bergamot & Spearmint lip balm recipe. We offer base oils, butter and wax in a convenient package. The basic recipe offers formulators an easy way to experiment with scents and colors while using a proven main recipe. We also offer the same base in a Vegan Variant, so you can easily change your lip balms to a plant-based formula.

You can try experimenting with the essential oil blend in our bergamot & Spearmint lip balm by swapping mint oil for another variety. Peppermint essential oil gives your lip balms a much stronger and bolder mint scent. Andean mint offers an even higher dose of Menthol, which makes lip balms especially fresh. If you prefer another type of citrus oil, look for cold-pressed essential oils that are classified as non-phototoxic. Some good choices are our organic Mandarin and organic sweet orange.


Clear Jojoba

Although Jojoba is usually called oil, it is actually a liquid wax. It has a composition similar to human sebum, the natural oil for the hair and skin of our skin. Jojoba is non-greasy, deeply supple and stable to storage, making it a valuable ingredient for skin care and cosmetic formulators.

Caprylic Capric Triglycerides (MCT Oil)

Another super stable carrier oil, MCT, is an odorless, fully liquid coconut oil. MCT is a staple in commercial skin and hair care products, but also has many advantages for craft formulators. MCT can be paired with any fragrance, tinted any color and stays fresh for long periods of time.

Deodorized Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is a lush, moisturizing vegetable butter made from cocoa. Cocoa butter usually has a strong chocolate aroma, but our deodorized cocoa butter has been specially filtered to remove its characteristic scent. This makes the butter much more versatile, so it can be combined with any fragrance you like.

White Beeswax

This natural wax is versatile in texture and color, available in white or yellow varieties. If you prefer to use a vegetable wax, try our candelilla wax instead. Candelilla is a little harder than beeswax, so you need to reduce its proportion by about 10-20%.

Ogranische Bergamot Essential Oil, FCF

Our FCF organic bergamot essential oil delivers the delicious bergamot aroma without the phytotoxicity concerns typically associated with bergamot oils. The offer of an essential oil without Furanocoumarin allows a much wider range of applications for bergamot. The sweet, lemony and floral aroma of bergamot essential oil goes very well with spices, woods and herbs. In aromatherapy, bergamot is often considered uplifting, balancing and rejuvenating.

Organic Spearmint Essential Oil

Mint essential oil has a slightly milder and milder aroma than peppermint and is therefore a good choice to complement other oils in blends. We love the way our Organic mint essential oil blends with the tangy, joyful aroma of bergamot.


Power on 20 tubes


30 grams of clear Jojoba
30 grams Caprylic Capric Triglyceride (MCT oil)
60 grams of deodorized cocoa butter
15 grams of White beeswax
2.5 ml Ogranic Bergamot Essential Oil, FCF
2.5 ml Of Organic spearmint essential oil


Mix cocoa butter and beeswax in a cauldron and heat until completely melted.
Add Jojoba and MCT. Stir well, then remove from heat.
Let cool for 2 minutes. Add essential oils, stir and gently place in lip balm tubes or jars.

Usage and packaging

We used our White Slim Lip Balm tubes to pack our bergamot and spearmint lip balms. These thin tubes with a modern look are also available in a natural semi-transparent color.
Apply to dry lips as often as necessary.

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