Cucumber Honey Facial Cream Is The Perfect Cream

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The soothing benefits of cucumbers clash with the moisturizing boost of honey in this easy-to-prepare face cream. For the basis of our cucumber honey face cream, we used a mixture of cucumber seed oil and coconut.

These two oils moisturize a lot while leaving skin soft, non-greasy and balanced. Nourishing Hydrosol of rose hips and natural honey form the part of the water, while a splash of essential oils gives a fresh fragrance and enhanced benefit.

Our vegetable emulsifying wax makes our cucumber honey face cream super easy to make. If you are new to the formulation of lotions and creams, this recipe is a great start. Feel free to exchange the carrier oils for all the ones you prefer. You can also replace Hydrosol with almost any water-based liquid. You can use Aloe Vera Gel, green tea or even distilled water.

This cucumber honey face cream uses a combination of refreshing Andean mint and lemon balm essential oil. This makes the recipe excellent for oily, combination skin and for those who want to stay light and cool in hot summer weather.


Rose Hydrosol

Rosehip are a classic natural beauty ingredient – most often appreciated as a carrier oil. Our Rose hips Hydrosol ensures a gentle surge of rose hips with a fresh and fruity aroma.

Since rose hips are naturally full of vitamin C, it is possible that there is also vitamin C in the Hydrosol. Vitamin C is fantastic for the skin, but notoriously difficult to incorporate into skin care formulations because its shelf life is quite short.

Organic virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is easily the most popular natural skin care ingredient of the day, offering both moisturizing and astringent benefits. This makes it an excellent Choice for all skin types, but especially beneficial for oily or Combination skin. We love the light texture and dreamy aroma of virgin coconut. Its semi-firm texture also helps to add some body to our cucumber honey face cream.

Cucumber seed oil

Cucumber seed oil is the Star of the show in our cucumber honey face cream recipe. This unique carrier oil is filled with oleic and linoleic fatty acids. This makes it an excellent Moisturizer for Skin and Hair. Cucumber seed oil also contains a remarkable amount of touted phytosterols to support hydration and elasticity for healthy, radiant skin.

Emulsifying Wax

Our emulsifying wax is an easy-to-use herbal wax, specially designed for the production of stable emulsions. Although the wax itself is not natural, it is made with natural ingredients and components. Emulsifying wax is a fantastic alternative to beeswax, as it usually does not need additional emulsifiers or stabilizers (like Borax) to work.


Honey has been used for centuries in natural skin care recipes. The soft, sticky substance is a natural humectant. This means that it attracts moisture. In our cucumber honey face cream, honey helps the cream bring moisture to the skin and retain it. Honey can also help stabilize emulsions.

Lactobacillus Ferment & Elderberry Extract

We used a combination of two natural preservatives to stabilize our cucumber honey face cream. Lactobacillus ferment uses the same type of bacteria that you can find in grown foods like cucumber or Kimchi. In oil and water emulsions, Lactobacillus helps action unwanted microbes. Elderberry extract is an oil-soluble extract that also has antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

Superfine Silk Powder

Silk powder gives a gentle glide to emulsions like our cucumber honey face cream and helps reduce the fat sometimes inherent in handmade lotions and creams. Try adding super fine silk powder to lotions, creams, body butters and balms! This super soft powder can also be used to break light and balance moisture in mineral makeup formulations.

Andean mint essential oil

Andes mint essential oil is an extra-strong heirloom herb responsibly harvested in the mountains of Peru. The fresh, fresh aroma and sparkling cold of Andean mint make our cucumber honey face cream especially refreshing!

Lemon Balm (Lemon Balm) Essential Oil

Lemon balm oil, also known as lemon balm essential oil, is commonly used in skin care formulations to balance moisture and tame oily skin. We’ve added a handful of lemon balm oil drops to our cucumber honey face cream to make it especially nice for oily and combination skin.


About 70 Grams


30 grams Of rose hips Hydrosol
15 grams Of organic virgin coconut oil
10 grams of cucumber seed oil
5 grams of emulsifying wax
5 G Honey
1.25 grams superfine silk powder
2.5 ml Lactobacillus Ferment
1.25 ml Elderberry Extract
15-20 drops of Andean mint essential oil
5 Drops Of Lemon Balm (Lemon Balm) Essential Oil


  • Mix the emulsifying wax and coconut oil in a water bath and heat until completely melted. Remove from heat and add cucumber seed oil.
  • Sift the superfine silk powder into the oil mixture and whisk until smooth.
  • In a second container, gently heat the rosehip hydrosol and honey until they are about the same temperature as the oil mixture. Both mixtures should be hot, but not almost boil.
  • Add the Lactobacillus Ferment to the Hydrosol-honey mixture and mix well to ensure that the honey is completely dissolved.
  • Add elderberry extract and essential oils to the oil mixture and mix well.
  • While you beat vigorously, slowly pour the oil mixture into the water part. Whisk continuously for at least five minutes before stopping. While You wipe, cool and thick cream.
  • If after five minutes the cream has not cooled and thickens to the consistency of yogurt, place the container in which you mix in an ice water bath. This greatly speeds up the cooling, so be sure to continue wiping in this place to avoid separation.

Usage And Packaging

We packed our cucumber honey face cream into fancy lotion pump bottles for this project. They also do very well in cream glasses.
Although we added two preservatives to this formulation for educational purposes, this formulation has not been tested for stability. All formulations containing water-based ingredients must be professionally tested before being used in commercial products.
As with any untested handmade emulsion, this cream should be used and cooled within 2-3 weeks to ensure maximum shelf life.

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