Coconut Aloe Cleansing Balm Is The Awesome Balm

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Oil purifiers began to captivate American consumers a few years ago. It is natural that the cleansing balms come next. This solidified version of the popular oil purifier is based on the same ratio of moisturizing and cleansing oil, but offers a semi-solid texture that many users find more satisfying and familiar than cleansing oil.

Our Coconut Aloe cleansing balm recipe uses a deep cleansing blend of castor oil, coconut oil, aloe vera and shea butter. This balm is semi-solid at room temperature and melts almost immediately upon contact with the skin. Unlike a typical moisturizing balm, our coconut aloe cleansing balm does not contain wax. It has a smooth and slippery texture that slides easily along the skin.

You can adjust this formulation by replacing one of the oils or butter in addition to castor oil. Castor oil must be included for the cleansing balm to work properly. When replacing the other ingredients, keep an eye on the texture. The use of naturally solid ingredients at room temperature will help prevent the balm from being too soft or even melting in a liquid.


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Currently, virgin coconut oil is easily one of the hottest ingredients in the world of natural beauty. Used for everything from hair conditioner to makeup remover, lovers of natural beauty do not seem to have enough of this versatile ingredient. When it comes to cleansing the skin, Virgin Coconut is an excellent choice due to its unique combination of moisturizing and astringent properties. It also smells incredibly good!

Butter, Aloe vera

The refreshing and soothing sensation of aloe vera is a wonderful addition to our cleansing balm recipe. Our aloe vera butter combines an oil-soluble aloe extract with rich moisturizing coconut oil to create a completely unique and incredibly useful skin care ingredient.

Organic Shea Butter

Shea butter is another classic skin care ingredient that enjoys continued popularity in the world of natural beauty. This natural Butter provides an abundance of hydration and revitalizing benefits for skin and hair. Our refined shea butter offers all the beloved benefits of shea butter with a soft color and aroma that are good for essential oil blends.

Organic castor oil

Castor oil plays a very important role in detergents containing oil and balms and detergents. This oil is very comedogenic, which means that it can actually block the pores. This would be harmful in a moisturizer or skin cream, but in an oil cleanser, castor oil works to dissolve excess sebum and keep it away from the skin when rinsing.

Andean Mint Essential oil

The essential oil of Andean mint is a very powerful, inherited herb that is responsibly harvested in the mountains of Peru. The fresh, fresh aroma of Andean mint makes this cleansing balm recipe even more refreshing!

Essential oil of lemon balm (lemon balm)

Also known as lemon balm essential oil, lemon balm essential oil is often used in skin care formulations to balance moisture and tame oily skin. We added a handful of drops of melissa oil to our cleansing balm to make it more pleasant for oily and combination skin.

Palmarosa Essential Oil

The essential oil of palmarosa has a mild tart fragrance reminiscent of citrus fruits. From the same family as lemongrass and lemongrass, palmarosa shares some properties with these related oils, but also many differences. In skin care, palmarosa is often used to provide balancing properties. It is an excellent choice for oily and combination skin formulations.


Gives four glasses of 60 ml (2 ounces)


120 Grams of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
60 Grams of Aloe Vera butter
40 Grams of Organic Shea Butter
20 Grams of organic castor oil
1.25 ml Andean Mint Essential oil
1.25 ml Essential oil of lemon balm (lemon balm)
1.25 ml Palmarosa Essential Oil


Mix coconut oil, aloe butter, shea butter and castor oil in a water bath and heat until completely melted.
Remove from heat and allow to cool for 3 to 5 minutes.
Add the essential oils and mix slowly until complete homogeneity.
Put in jars and cool until completely hardened.

Use and packaging

We packed our cleaning balm in our 2-ounce pet flat jars. They would also look good in flint glass or white dome pots.
To use it, massage a generous hazelnut balm on the face and rub into the skin for 3 to 5 minutes. Moisten the washcloth with warm water and steam the skin to remove the oil. Repeat until the oil is completely removed. Follow with toner and moisturizer as needed.

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