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Bedtime is easily one of my favorite moments of the day. After hours full of hustle and bustle, animation and accompaniment of my children, bedtime is a welcome rest. On a good day, my kids snuggle up together and listen to stories before they fall asleep. Most of the time it doesn’t go so well. Aromatherapy formulations, such as this Bergamot Bedtime aromatherapy balm, can help lower energy levels and promote faster and easier bedtime for everyone.

Our Bergamot Bedtime Aromatherapy balm is essentially a solid massage oil. We have combined Babassu’s moisturizing oil with rich and creamy Nilotica shea butter to create a carefully prepared blend of soothing essential oils. Sweet bergamot and chamomile go beautifully with musky ylang-ylang and woody cedar. The bright green scents of spearmint, lavender and juniper round off this delightful aromatherapy treat.


Babassu Oil Organic

Our organic babassu oil is a nourishing and moisturizing semi-solid vegetable oil pressed from the babassu palm. Rich in lauric acid, babassu is an excellent choice to revitalize skin and hair. It also makes an excellent massage oil.

Organic nilotica Shea Butter

More gentle and creamy than typical shea varieties, Nilotica Shea butter offers a delicious texture and excellent moisturizing benefits. Nilotica Shea butter deeply moisturizes skin and hair care recipes.

Essential Oil Of Organic Bergamot, FCF (without furanocoumarin)

Our FCF Organic Bergamot Essential Oil provides the delicious aroma of bergamot without the phytotoxicity problems usually associated with bergamot oils. The provision of an essential oil without furanocoumarin allows a much wider range of applications for bergamot. The sweet, lemon and floral aroma of the essential oil of bergamot goes well with spices, woods and herbs. In aromatherapy, bergamot is often considered uplifting, balancing and rejuvenating.

Essential oil of Lavandin Grosso Organic

An excellent lavender variety for use in massage mixtures, lavindin grosso Bio is designed to help support well-being and promote relaxation. Lavindin grosso has a characteristic herbaceous scent, but is not too camphor or medicinal.

Organic Roman Chamomile Oil

Roman chamomile is famous for its use in soothing formulations and is often used in applications designed to promote sleep and rest. Its sweet aroma, similar to that of an apple, is a delicious and delicate main ingredient in mixtures of essential oils before going to bed.

Essential oil of organic cedar wood

The essential oil of cedar wood has a deep woody aroma that is immediately recognizable. This bold base note can act as a fixative, helping to enhance the other flavors of a compound. Cedar is often used to promote a sense of calm and relaxation in aromatherapy formulations.

Organic Green Mint essential oil

Essential oil of spearmint has a slightly sweeter and milder aroma than peppermint, making it an excellent choice to complement other oils in blends. We love the way our organic mint essential oil harmonizes with the tart and cheerful aroma of bergamot.

Juniper Essential oil

Juniper essential oil has a warm, peppery pine scent that acts as a heart note in aromatic formulations. Although juniper is often found in energy mixtures, it can also promote rest when combined with other oils that provide such benefits.

Ylang-Ylang Essential oil

The beautiful aroma of the essential oil of ylang ylang has a deep, fragrant and exotic fragrance, which is appreciated for its use in perfumery and skin care. In aromatherapy, ylang ylang is often used to discourage fear and anger. It is believed to promote a sense of security and positivity.

How to make a bergamot aromatherapy balm before going to bed-a soothing balm infused with a mixture of essential oils for sleep


Yields about 240 ml (4 ounces)


80 Grams of Organic Babassu Oil
40 Grams of Organic nilotica Shea Butter
20 Drops of essential oil Of organic bergamot, FCF (without furanocoumarin)
20 Drops of Essential oil of Lavandin Grosso Organic
20 Drops of Organic Roman Chamomile Oil
10 Drops of Organic Cedar Essential oil
10 Drops of Organic Green Mint Essential Oil
10 Drops of Juniper Essential Oil
10 drops of Essential Oil of Ylang-Ylang


Mix babassu oil and nilotica shea butter in a water bath and heat until completely melted.
Turn off the burner and hold the water bath in hot water for 15 minutes.
Remove from heat, let stand for 5 minutes, then add the essential oils. Mix well to mix well.
Put in jars, cover securely and immediately put in the refrigerator.
Allow the balms to cool completely and harden before use.

Use and packaging

We packed our balms in flint glasses. They would also look great in metal cans or in our high density PET plastic pots.
To use it, warm a generous hazelnut balm between your palms. Rub the melted balm on the skin as with massage oil.

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