Balancing Moringa Oil Cleanser Is The Perfect Thing

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Oil cleansers can be easily adapted to specific skin types by adjusting not only the ingredients but also the ingredient ratios used in the formula. We have increased the proportion of castor oil in our balancing Moringa oil cleaner to make the cleaner drier than would be the matter in a typical oil cleaning recipe. This makes it more suitable for oily skin types.

Although we wanted the Moringa Balancing oil Purifier to be a little more aggressive in controlling excess oil, we didn’t want it to irritate. Often, users with oily skin also suffer from irritation, redness and acne To make the product more soothing, we have selected moisturizing ingredients known for their balancing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Replacing moisturizing oils is a great way to target your formula for a specific purpose. For example, if you wanted to focus your recipe on actioning acne or bacteria, you can try to include neem oil. Adding oil-soluble CO2 extracts is another good way to improve what would otherwise be a fairly simple formulation. Check out our selection of CO2 supercritical extracts to get inspired when targeting specific skin types or problems.


Moringa oil

This remarkable carrier oil contains 10% behenic acid, which makes it a very nutritious and moisturizing ingredient. Moringa oil has long been valued for its unique ability to moisturize and balance the skin. This combination of properties makes it well suited for formulations for conditioning oily skin types. Moringa can also act as a fixer in aromatic formulations, helping to stabilize the scents of natural aromatic ingredients such as essential oils and CO2 extracts.

Tamanu oil

This exotic carrier oil has been a popular beauty ingredient in Asia and Polynesia for generations. Tamanu oil has a thick and super softening texture known to soothe the skin. In addition to providing moisture and conditioning, tamanu can even help the skin retain moisture, making formulations more durable and effective.

Black castor oil

Black castor oil is made from the same types of seeds that produce the classic pale pressed castor oil that most people know best. The only difference between oils is that the seeds used to make black castor oil are roasted before pressing. This gives the black castor oil a beautiful deep mahogany color and a characteristic subtle fragrance. In traditional natural beauty circles, black castor oil is believed to have superior moisturizing and revitalizing abilities than pale pressed castor oil. However, from the point of view of the formulation, the two ingredients seem to be quite identical.


Gives two bottles of 120 ml (4 ounces)


85 ml Moringa oil
85 ml Tamanu oil
70 ml Black castor oil


If necessary, gently warm the moringa and tamanu oils until completely melted and liquid.
Carefully measure each ingredient, then mix in a container to mix and shake until it is well mixed.
Transfer the mixture into bottles

Use and packaging

Our batch of Balancing Moringa Oil Cleaners looks great in our 4 oz Boston Round PET Bottles with revolver stoppers. Bottles with disc caps or flap caps would also work well.
To use the oil purifier, follow the steps described in our previous blog post, start with the method of oil purification.

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